In a recent issue of WSJ Smart Money magazine there’s an interesting (and not surprising) article entitled:

I Love My Real Estate Broker

Americans love critiquing services online, but when it comes to rating real estate agents, few reliable forums exist.

How brokers are evading scrutiny.

While it’s harmful to generalize an entire industry – there is a solution – provide  the public with a state by state online format for agent ratings.
 If real estate agents are true professionals, they will benefit. If not, their ratings will force them to step up or leave the industry – isn’t that a good thing?

What could it look like if the real estate profession was largely populated with people who are highly skilled and put the interests of their clients first?

Why not require that all MLS’s meet a national standard for reporting production and property data?

Why not have real transparency about market data and agent performance?

In a time of profound lack of trust, why not be an industry that is viewed as leading instead of “evading scrutiny”?

Aren’t we making matters worse?