The Case For Skilled Real Estate Management

Why  Skilled Real Estate Management is Important
Skilled Real Estate Management is more important today than ever! Unfortunately, this one is too often overlooked.  Little training is directed at management and yet they are the gatekeepers. How can management be expected to attract and develop the talent necessary today if they are unskilled? And how few […]

Is There A Middle Left In The Real Estate Industry?


There is no middle left in the real estate industry. It’s coming down to two groups in this business. The group of company owners, managers and agents who ‘get it’, and the group of owners, managers and agents who don’t!
For Agents:
It’s pretty simple – the group that gets it are doing very well in current […]

Has Recruiting Ever Been As Important To Brokerages As It Is Today?

Recruiting The Right People is Key
Recruiting is very important! How do we attract people when so many brokerages are offering great splits, to add production at any cost? Add to that the fact that there is a growing gap between productive agents and marginally productive agents. This translates to a shrinking company dollar

Also, consider this, […]

Is The Real Estate Industry Growing Up?

Is The Real Estate Industry Starting To “Get It” ?

Does the real estate industry consider relisted/cancelled/expired listings as signs that we did not do the job we were hired to do? 

Do we expect to outperform our markets? And as such, see this as evidence that our recruiting, coaching and training programs are effective?

Are we expecting […]

A Better Solution To Rating Real Estate Agents

In a recent issue of WSJ Smart Money magazine there’s an interesting (and not surprising) article entitled:
I Love My Real Estate Broker
Americans love critiquing services online, but when it comes to rating real estate agents, few reliable forums exist.
How brokers are evading scrutiny.
While it’s harmful to generalize an entire industry – there is a solution […]

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NAR and Online Agent Ranking Surveys

Will the National Association of Realtors (NAR) lead or get in the way of raising the level of professionalism and skill in the industry?

Hard to know right now – they are beginning the process of moving to online rankings – testing in a few markets. Questions remain.

Will participation be mandatory for all members? Will all […]