What Are The Keys To A Profitable Real Estate Company?


Profitable real estate companies have done two things: cut expenses and positioned themselves for growth.
You can cut expenses only so much because you still need to keep the lights on.  Growth is what I will focus on here.
Ways  to Grow your Company
Growth can be determined two ways in a real estate company, recruiting and retention, […]

The Importance Of Training Programs In Real Estate Companies

Why Training Programs are Important
Training Programs is the area behind which the real estate industry should be putting its collective muscle. Any strategy for long-term growth must align with the needs and wants of the consumer. Real estate must get better at what it does, on all levels. Real estate companies must improve the delivery […]

The Need For A Professional Company Culture

Why is it important to have a professional company culture?
A professional company culture is key to being successful, especially as far as the consumer is concerned.  Isn’t it amazing that the real estate industry still has not come to the realization that nothing can be accomplished without factoring in the mindset of the consumer? Consumers […]

The Case For Skilled Real Estate Management

Why  Skilled Real Estate Management is Important
Skilled Real Estate Management is more important today than ever! Unfortunately, this one is too often overlooked.  Little training is directed at management and yet they are the gatekeepers. How can management be expected to attract and develop the talent necessary today if they are unskilled? And how few […]

Is There A Middle Left In The Real Estate Industry?


There is no middle left in the real estate industry. It’s coming down to two groups in this business. The group of company owners, managers and agents who ‘get it’, and the group of owners, managers and agents who don’t!
For Agents:
It’s pretty simple – the group that gets it are doing very well in current […]

Has Recruiting Ever Been As Important To Brokerages As It Is Today?

Recruiting The Right People is Key
Recruiting is very important! How do we attract people when so many brokerages are offering great splits, to add production at any cost? Add to that the fact that there is a growing gap between productive agents and marginally productive agents. This translates to a shrinking company dollar

Also, consider this, […]

Is The Real Estate Industry Growing Up?

Is The Real Estate Industry Starting To “Get It” ?

Does the real estate industry consider relisted/cancelled/expired listings as signs that we did not do the job we were hired to do? 

Do we expect to outperform our markets? And as such, see this as evidence that our recruiting, coaching and training programs are effective?

Are we expecting […]

The Numbers Tell The Story That Matters

Numbers Matter
Numbers matter, this is just a fact! I believe that we in real estate have no idea how much business we are losing because we don’t validate our claims with the ‘numbers’.

Consumers are weary and on overload just trying to keep up. They hear blah,blah, blah, until you substantiate your claims with the statistics […]

Setting Goals For 2019?

Setting Goals
Setting Goals can make all the difference! It might be interesting to learn how many companies are changing how they set their goals for next year.

What if instead of the usual production and profit goals, goals were set to improve how we do our job. The central focus would be the consumer for a […]

What Everybody Ought To Know About Business Planning

Business Planning
Business Planning is an integral part of every successful company. It’s that time of year again and I can hear the collective groans all-round. If we do it at all, it often times seems an exercise in futility. Do we even look at it during the year after it’s written?
There are reasons why planning […]