Isn’t it amazing that the real estate industry still has not come to the realization that nothing can be accomplished without factoring in the mindset of the consumer? Consumers are angry, skeptical and mistrustful – and they are not buying in to any thoughts of a sustainable recovery. They are adjusting their spending habits and want facts not emotional opinions – no matter how well intentioned.

There is great opportunity here for those who understand this. We know that we no longer build teams – since generationally it doesn’t work – now we work to establish a culture. Developing a culture that’s focused on professional ideals builds trust. Trust is essential with the consumer.

First, develop competency – the skills needed for results in today’s challenged markets. Across the board – a minimum standard for your office/company. This standard applies to management first and then to your associates. Set high standards and hold everyone to them. Develop mastery in all areas of what you do.

Second, make trust the foundation of all that you do – at all levels – your people are expected to conduct themselves accordingly at all times. Professionals have technical expertise and understand that their skills promote higher customer satisfaction. Beyond that, their conduct in all matters is beyond reproach – it defines them and will ultimately define your company.

You will improve your morale and succeed beyond your expectations – and be very proud of the work that you do and the contribution you make.

What steps are you willing to take to create a professional company culture?