I haven’t written in awhile – reeling from the debt debacle and wanting some quiet. So much debate, so much criticism, so much information – and for what? “How bad do things have to get before we actually do something constructive?”

It’s true in our industry (real estate) as well. Why do we take superficial approaches to serious issues and expect real and lasting change?

We jumped on the social media bandwagon – we “like” everything each other posts and “recommend” each other – what happened to listening to the consumer? Where is their say in all of this? Don’t they get that what we’re doing is self serving? Don’t we?

How much time is being spent on getting better at what we do? Surveys have shown that consumers don’t think we earn the money we are paid – how do we change that? At a time when company bottom lines are increasingly challenged – what are we putting in place that improves our skill level in a consumer centric way?

Where is real leadership – still afraid to challenge agents on policy and procedure? How do we know they don’t want the changes necessary in order to conduct business successfully today? Have we asked them?