It’s coming down to two groups in this business. The group of company owners, managers and agents who ‘get it’ and the group of owners, managers and agents who don’t!

It’s pretty simple – the group that gets it are doing very well in current market conditions. They have stepped up and relearned things they thought they already knew and understand the statistics and market information necessary to build trust with today’s consumer. They get that they are business people and in charge of generating their business. They get that pricing is critical for results and they get that they way we are measured has changed.

For management it’s the same – just on a different level. Management gets that the agents that they want to recruit and retain want numbers that back up that what’s being trained and coached gets results – otherwise why would they join/stay? Management gets that they are way more than ‘deal doctors’ today. Management gets that their skill level is more important than ever.

And as far as the ones who don’t…it’s just a matter of time.

What I wonder is what this industry will function like when all that’s left are the ones who ‘get it’.

Where are you in this?