I don’t think so.

The question looms: how do we attract them when so many brokerages are offering extraordinary splits – to add production at any cost. Add to that the fact that there is a growing gap between productive agents and marginally productive agents which translates to a shrinking company dollar.

Also, consider this – the real estate industry has historically hired based on personality and people skills – will these traits get the job done today? Our markets are more complex and a thorough comprehension of statistics and how they affect buying and selling is critical. Think about what’s needed in the marketplace today, when you hire the next agent. Can they do they job required today? Are they trainable?

And when you encounter a qualified agent – consider why you are the best place for them to work? Do you have a true competitive advantage or do you look like your competitors? If there’s no significant difference between your brokerage and the one down the street except for the color of your sign – agents will make their decision based on commission split. If you can show you have an effective program for their success, and a track record to support your claims you are positioned for strong recruiting results.

How are you positioned to recruit today?