I believe that we in real estate have no idea how much business we are losing because we don’t validate our claims with the ‘numbers’.

Consumers are weary and on overload just trying to keep up. They hear blah,blah, blah – until you substantiate your claims with the statistics to support them.

We (as an industry) are so used to making generalized claims based soley on our opinions – I think we forget that the world requires more today.

Whether you are an agent and are explaining market conditions to skeptical buyers and sellers; or the state of the lending market; or the percentage of home inspections issues that lead to transaction fall thru – if we want people to listen, we have to use the numbers.

If you are a broker/owner and you are about hiring – it’s good to keep in mind that agents are skeptical, too. If you want them to see the value in what you are doing – go to the numbers. The numbers support your efforts – in coaching and training – and just about everything else.

Today, more than ever, the ‘numbers’ add value.