Lord knows how difficult change is to implement. If you doubt it, take a look at the number of books written on the subject.

Consider that we in the midst of a long housing downturn (projected to last another five years); changes in the way we market and connect; and an educated, demanding, and skeptical consumer who has said for years they are dissatisfied with the skill and delivery of real estate services – and yet the majority of the industry want to ignore what’s happening (when will the market return to normal?).

Are we the only industry that thinks that technology is the only thing we need to address? And if technology is the end-all answer – then why is the largest number of agents leaving the industry, generationally, the Gen Y’s/Millenials – who created alot of the very technology we believe will save us.

When do we do something about the fact that we neeed to get a whole lot better at what we do? When do we put our collective muscle behind training and coaching that moves us in this direction?

Are we connecting the dots?