It’s that time of year again and I can hear the collective groans all-round. If we do it at all, it oft times seems an exercise in futility. Do we even look at it during the year after it’s written?

There are reasons why planning (for companies and agents) is ineffective.

First, we lack sufficient motivation; lack of focus on what we want. Boils down to what we need for most. True, most don’t think about what might be possible for their lives – and it’s too easy to blame the market.

Second, we lack the necessary skills. Skill improvement is essential to realizing our goals. Look at 2011 – assess your strengths and weaknesses – and get the training/coaching you will need to accomplish your objectives. Otherwise, you’re just putting numbers on a page – and they don’t mean a thing.

Third, calculate what you will need to do Monday through Friday to make your numbers a reality. How many contacts will you make? How many appointments do you need? Without these details it won’t happen for you in 2012.

Got plans?