LISTEN! As you go forward with your agent business planning, take a breath and listen to what is being said – and what’s not being said.

So often, we just go through the motions – just get it done and then I’ll go do my shopping for the holidays. We are missing out on a great opportunity to strategize for 2012.

Take stock. Are your agents “getting it”? Does their business plan and subsequent dialogue demonstrate that they now realize that to be successful – they have to be better business people? Has it sunk in to them that they are sales people? And as such, they are responsible for growing and generating their business? Are your agents still blaming you or their market for their lack of production?

All of this has implications for 2012. Ask yourself what have you done to change this? What training have you implemented – not once – but over and over – until they can demonstrate competence? Are you measuring your results?

What are their strengths and weaknesses? Aren’t they your company’s as well?

If you want your results to change – don’t you have to change? Isn’t that the growth that is required of all successful professonals?

Are you listening?