As you plan for the new year, does your planning include an increase in accountability?

If not, rethink it.

The real estate industry has a lackluster history in this area. Yet, so much depends on it.

How much longer will be pay people who can’t/don’t get results? At a time when revenues are treasured, why do we keep paying people who are content to be empty suits? It amazes me.

Even at the highest levels – and largest incomes – when are we accountable for our ability to get results?

Many have an upbeat flash and yet there are no tangible, bankable results. There is no serious plan that demonstrates Monday through Friday that what needs to be done, is being done and will result in better service to the consumer, improved agent production and profit on the bottom line.

Does anyone think that if there had been profitablility companies would have merged, been acquired, even at the franchise level?

Even the people on Wall Street have to get some kind of results in order to be paid – even if those results have horrible consequences. We just keep on keeping on, praying the market will “correct.”

I believe that we have at least five more years of challenging economic and market conditions with the consumer continuing to be more demanding of us – my bet is that those in this industry who are content to be paid without results will discover that the money is drying up.

How will you be held accountable?