Are we starting to “get it” ?

Do we consider relisted/cancelled/expired listings as signs that we did not do the job we were hired to do?

Do we expect to out perform our markets and as such see this as evidence that our recruiting, coaching and training programs are effective?

Do we expect our management team to out perform their peers? Do we/they have a clear understanding of what we expect of them – right down to what they are to do Monday – Friday? Do they know how to do their job effectively?

Do we understand that if our agents/managers aren’t successful, then neither is the company?

Do we believe that social media will solve our lack of skills issue with the consumer?

Is our profit derived from real estate sales or is it entirely due to our core services? Have we realized that as our sales diminish, so will profit from core services?

Since, by all accounts, we have five more years of less than stellar market and liquidity conditions, I sure hope so!