Everywhere you look today, trust is the issue.

Who would have ever thought that the Republican Party would have sooo much trouble getting behind one nominee. Is this election their “arab spring”?

Try to forget that NAR – our professional trade organization – was caught “fudging” the housing numbers. What were they thinking? No one else was counting? Do they understand that consumers are experiencing this “long slump” first hand and that no ‘slight of hand’ with the stats would go unnoticed? Do they understand transparency – or is it just a trendy word to throw around?

In sales, trust is critical. How do we convince a client that we are truly representing their interests first?

I recently saw a faceboook post from a principal of a major company that numbers don’t guarantee trust. If results don’t count for something, then what does?

Today’s consumer cares about the results you get for them – not our traditional ‘market share’ top producer’ blah, blah, blah. Rather the numbers that accurately measure our skill in current market conditions.

If you want to build trust, I’d start there – saying how much you care only rings true if you complete in a timely manner, the job you were hired to do.