I was deplaning recently in San Francisco when the conversation with a fellow passenger turned to real estate. She related that her mother’s house (in NJ) had been on the market for over a year; that upkeep had been a fiinancial drain; and that she should have taken the first offer. I asked what her realtor had advised and she said that she had taken his direction from the start – and that he had advised her not to take that offer.

Fast forward over a year and she’s dropped the price over a $100k and still no offers.

How much will time on the market cost her – and how much is she paying for poor advice?

If we want to be seen as part of the solution, we have to get pricing right. We have to advise and counsel based on current market and liquidity conditions.

I’d like to hear from both sides on this – did her agent advise a lower price from the start? She did say that he advised her not to take the first (and only) offer.

Learn to price it right from the start; redo your pricing analysis monthly and adjust accordingly. Learn to deliver the message using the stats that back up your advice and we’ll get the inventory sold – and be seen as part of the solution – not part of the problem.