It’s here all too soon for many. What’s your P&L say about your results for the first quarter?

The bottom line is an accurate measure – you’re either moving in the right direction (profit) or you’re not (loss). Are you focused on the activities that make you money?

How long will it take before we all realize that until the majority of your agents (not just a few at the top) make money, neither will you. What have you done the first three months of this year to improve production?

It’s so easy to look in other directions – just keeping up with social media is a full time job – and are we able to measure a return for the time, and efforts we are logging in there? Social Media takes time to build ROI.

Focus on your products – how well do your agents know how to do their jobs? Can you afford to let transactions fall thru the cracks because of an agent’s lack of skill? How much is your fall-thru costing you? How much are cancelled and expired listings costing you? How many leads go unanswered? What are they worth to you?

When’s the last time you met – one on one – with your agents to assign price reductions? How often do you train ‘absorption rate pricing analysis’? How well do you understand it?

It’s easy to get caught up in ‘bigger things’ – well, how’s that working for you?

Here’s an idea for you: Total the list price of all of your listing inventory. Multiply that amount by your average commission rate (%). Multiply that amount by your company dollar percentage. That total is the amount of company dollar waiting for you if you got your listings priced to sell.

What would that add to your bottom line?