There’s lots of buzz going around now about how busy the real estate market is – and that’s good news.

In reality, though, there are companies and agents that have been out performing the ‘market’ all along. They have stepped up and found the opportunities and relearned things they thought they already knew. In short, they did not wait on the market.

The question arises, “How can any company or agent measure themselves with the market’? Doesn’t it follow that while we enjoy following the market it up – we’ll follow it down as well?

And is market activity the only measure? Hasn’t the consumer changed as well? Don’t we need to learn and adapt to them? Waiting won’t do that.

And hasn’t the ways we connect changed and expanded? Waiting won’t cover that.

And isn’t the consumer expecting more facts and figures before making a buying or selling decision? Waiting won’t take that into consideration.

Aren’t we being measured differently – based on our abilities to get results for them? If you’ve been waiting – will there be anything to measure?

Was waiting the answer?