Will real estate companies follow the NATO Summit’s lead and focus on growth going forward? The smart money is here.

Housing markets in many areas have seen increased activity – it’s anybody’s guess how long this will last. We can use this ‘breather’ to decide what’s ahead for our companies. What could this growth look like?

Recruiting focused on hiring the right people – agents who can and will get the job done no matter the market conditions. There are still lots of experienced agents who have not upgraded their skills – instead waiting for markets to return to ‘normal’ or who work for companies who have not provided the support and training necessary to address market realities. Measure your recruiting success by the amount of company dollar added by your hires – it’s not a body count that matters – it’s what they add to your company.

Training focused on delivering our services in the way and manner that the consumer wants. Everything we do from how we are teaching agents to generate business in a generational adaptive way; using stats in presentations and to handle objections; giving professional presentations to both sellers and buyers; how to manage leads effectively; social media strategies – you get the idea – all has to be geared to the consumer. Measure the effectiveness of your training program by improved morale; increased production; fewer “fall-thrus’; more saleable listings – and your bottom line.

Coaching focused on the individual – whether management or agent – done properly, will result in increased production; improved customer service; better leads managment; less fall-thru and management seen as intricately involved in their success – which aids in retention and is a effective recruiting tool. Measure coaching by improved morale, increased production, the number of days it takes a new hire to produce, the percentage of increase in experienced agents business, increased average commission rate etc. In short, coaching fixes a lot.

What changes will your company implement that effectively focus on growth and getting more of the business that’s being done – no matter the market?