It’s that time of year when broker’s focus turns to recruiting – lays the groundwork for next year’s growth and profit. Are you fully prepared? Begin here.

First, Clearly identify qualities of your target agent. Harder to hire when you don’t know what you’re looking for – and even worse, when the people you hire add nothing to your company.

Second, Clearly identify the top three things agents in your marketplace value most right now. Hard to hire when you don’t know what’s important. Clue, use your recruiting interview and carefully listen to their responses.

Third, Clearly identify how affiliating with your company helps agents – use your track record of providing solutions for your current agents.

Begin by clarifying these three basics – it’s amazing how much easier recruiting is when you have a strong foundation.

Are you recruiting from a position of strength? When you get serious about profit, you’ll get serious about your skill level.