The ‘secret’ is no secret to those of us in the real estate industry – you just gotta do it!

Until you are comitted to setting aside the time necessary to make your daily contacts, it’s unlikely that your results will change. And the surprising thing about making daily contacts is that you are going to get better at it – I think it’s called practice. You may never learn to love recruiting – you’ll love the results.

I remember an in-house loan officer telling me one time that he overheard agents talking about getting recruiting calls and that they were first flattered by it. Then the agent would get a second call and the result was the agent started to actually consider the recruiting company. And then, know what happened next? Just as the agent was getting serious about a possible move – no more calls from the recruiting broker!

It is a process – like a courtship – two people interested in what each other has to say – learning what each other brings to the table and the benefits of the match.

I’m not asking you to stick needles into your eyes – just talk to some people that would be better off working with you and that would also benefit your company by their affiliation.