Why not take this ‘breather’ in the market to reconsider how real estate brokerages are run? How is it that so few brokerages make a profit? How is it acceptable that most of the profit comes from core services and not the residential brokerage itself? What if companies were ranked within the industry by the amount of profit they make?

Do company owners believe that their managers are up to the job? Is it universally accepted that it can’t be done (making a profit, that is) ? Do company owners actually believe that their managers understand what it takes to keep the lights on – after all, they aren’t the ones that pay the bills?

Why not now – when things are looking better – take a look at the skill level of management and what needs to be done to improve this important area. Do we really think we can keep putting all of our eggs in the agents’ basket with no skilled support of management to back them up? Do we really believe that we can be effective at recruiting and retention without skilled management?

Are we so fear based that  we have lost all sight of accountability – to the job management was hired to do – and what is expected/required to create the value based management that today’s agent requires?

Why not get serious about profit – and see what happens. Expect business planning. Expect one on one agent coaching. Expect consistent and dynamic training with measured results. Expect technology and social media strategies. It’s all possible – and so is profit.