Most of you are in the middle of agent reviews/plans for 2015. What’s different this year? Still just going through the motions? Try a focus on pricing skills.

As you take the time to meet with your agents, what are you learning? Are you seeing more shifting toward professionalism and a necessary understanding that pricing is the dominant skill by which agents are measured?

I caught a piece of one of the cable shows that showcase a property from renovation through pricing/listing on the market as a newly renovated/improved property. Three agents gave pricing estimates – $50,000 apart. It didn’t seem to strike anybody as unusual – I thought it bizarre.

No matter that market conditions are improving in most of the 50 states – if you can’t price – you can’t sell – and it won’t appraise.

Think about the impact of an increase in your company’s Listings Sold moving from say 55% to 70% – now think about those reviews you’re holding and the conversations that are necessary to help agents achieve their goals next year. What could improved pricing skills do to that end – for both the agent and the company – and the client.