WIll NAR lead or get in the way of raising the level of professionalism and skill in the industry?

Hard to know right now – they are beginning the process of moving to online rankings – testing in a few markets. Questions remain.

Will participation be mandatory for all members? Will all reviews be included? How will the reviews be screened having originated from buyers and sellers and not well meaning family members, peers or friends? Will the survey ask the questions that really matter to buyers and sellers – or just those that the industry wants the consumer to care about?

The real issue is the agent’s ability to get results. An agent may communicate regularly, may be tech savvy and use all the right tools – if they are unable to get results – what does all that matter?

Why not get out of the way and be truly transparent?  NAR could set one standard for fair and accurate reporting of data that all MLS must follow – the information could then be accessed by interested parties and the agent’s ability to get results would speak for themselves.

Lead or get out of the way!