It’s simple. The polls relied only on numbers and forgot about the people. Talking to people. Connecting with people in a way they value. Listening to them. Instead, categorized us into all kinds of groups and forgot that we are all people. Guess what? I shop at Whole Foods and am also known to eat at Cracker Barrel – love the green beans! What do pollsters make of that?

The lesson for us? Don’t turn your job over to technology. Do it. Connect in a meaningful way. We’ve taught working SOI for decades – these are people you know and who know you. Why is it so difficult to reach out? No selling. No asking for anything. Connecting. Talking to them. Learning more about what they value and want. Actually listen without concern over your response.

Ask people you are working with about concerns they may have about buying and selling in today’s market. Most have not forgotten the recession – but we seem to have. Give them a written marketing calendar with your listing presentation – and list everything – so that they can see what it is you are doing to market and sell their home.

If you are relying on technology to do your work for you – you can be replaced – and fast.