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The numbers tell the story that matters

I believe that we in real estate have no idea how much business we are losing because we don’t validate our claims with the ‘numbers’.

Consumers are weary and on overload just trying to keep up. They hear blah,blah, blah – until you substantiate your claims with the statistics to support them.

We (as an industry) are […]

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Has recruiting ever been as important to brokerages as it is today?

I don’t think so.

The question looms: how do we attract them when so many brokerages are offering extraordinary splits – to add production at any cost. Add to that the fact that there is a growing gap between productive agents and marginally productive agents which translates to a shrinking company dollar.

Also, consider this […]

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Is there a middle left in the real estate industry?

It’s coming down to two groups in this business. The group of company owners, managers and agents who ‘get it’ and the group of owners, managers and agents who don’t!

It’s pretty simple – the group that gets it are doing very well in current market conditions. They have stepped up and relearned things they thought […]

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Information Overload and Nothing Changes

I haven’t written in awhile – reeling from the debt debacle and wanting some quiet. So much debate, so much criticism, so much information – and for what? “How bad do things have to get before we actually do something constructive?”

It’s true in our industry (real estate) as well. Why do we take superficial […]

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The Case for Skilled Real Estate Management

This one is too often overlooked in the real estate industry. And it is more important today than ever. Little training is directed at management and yet they are the gatekeepers. How can they be expected to attract and develop the talent necessary today if they are unskilled? And how few of them will admit […]

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The Need for a Professional Company Culture

Isn’t it amazing that the real estate industry still has not come to the realization that nothing can be accomplished without factoring in the mindset of the consumer? Consumers are angry, skeptical and mistrustful – and they are not buying in to any thoughts of a sustainable recovery. They are adjusting their spending habits and […]

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What Does Today’s Consumer Want?

What does today’s consumer want? After the past 5 years of economic upheaval their priorities have changed. They want more control; more information; transparency – basically to “drive the bus.”

Where does all of this leave the real estate industry? We’re dominantly a relationship model still – most of the advice and counsel we provide is […]

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The Importance of Training Programs in Real Estate Companies

Training is the area behind which the real estate industry should be putting its collective muscle. Any strategy for long-term growth must align with the needs and wants of the consumer. Real estate must get better at what it does – on all levels. Real estate companies must improve the delivery of services, […]

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What are the keys to a profitable real estate company?

Companies are profitable today because they have done two things: cut expenses and positioned themselves for growth.

You can cut expenses only so much because you still need to keep the lights on – and so it’s the second part that I’ll consider here.

Growth can be determined two ways in a real estate company – recruiting […]

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When is the Market Going to Return to Normal?

Amazingly, I still get asked, “When is the market going to return to normal?” How did we get to a place where a bubble is considered normal? To be sure, it’s challenging today. In the majority of markets, conditions are spotty – some price ranges sell while others sit. Shadow inventory is hanging over markets, […]

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