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Best Real Estate Books | Results Matter | Hire Real Estate AgentRESULTS MATTER (For Consumers)

How smart people hire smart real estate agents.

As a buyer or seller of real estate you’ll spend thousands of dollars on commission fees. Now more than ever, you want your money working for you in your buying and selling decisions.


How can you be sure that you are hiring a skilled real estate professional?

Does a relationship with an agent guarantee anything?

How can you determine whether the real estate agent you are interviewing has a track record of getting results for their clients?

Does the agent understand current market conditions and how they an affect your ability to sell?


Are you getting pricing guidance from an agent with a solid pricing track record?

How can you better insure that your agent is acting in your best interests?

Does the agent understand current market conditions and how they can affect your ability to buy?

Learn how to interview real estate agents and what you can expect from them. Learn where the conflicts of interest exist and how to avoid them. Learn the objective criteria you can use to better insure you are hiring an agent with the skills to navigate a complex real estate market. Make sure your interests are fully represented.

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The Broker's BibleTHE BROKER’S BIBLE (For Brokers & Managers)

The Way Back To Profit For Today’s Real Estate Company

According to a recent study by the Harvard Business Review. as well as a 2009 report in TREND Magazine, a consumer “crisis of trust” currently exists, extending to both government and business. This crisis is evident throughout the world but to a higher degree in this country. Just watch the news to see the ample evidence of this growing trend among the American people.

Real estate has long been a relationship business – basically it is a baby-boomer model – and as a result of this change in consumer confidence, the industry will no longer be able to thrive and prosper the way it has up to now. In other words, the relationship will no longer be able to stand alone as a way to secure business; going forward, it will be based on a combination of the relationship and verifiable skills-with the emphasis on verifiable.

The way we are measured has changed. The numbers are still numbers, of course – but the difference is the ones that matter to the people that matter – the consumer who hires us – and the agents who consider working for us. A full understanding of this fact has to penetrate management mindset and objectives.

For today’s skeptical consumer it’s no longer market share. No longer a claim to being “No. 1”. No longer being the largest or oldest company in the area. In the eyes of the consumer these numbers can all be easily manipulated and often times are. In fact, these new “measures” allow large and small companies to compete on a level playing field – these measurements speak volumes about our ability to get the job done.

The Broker’s Bible is a workbook designed to help you look at every area of your business in a new light based on today’s market and give you the tools you need to get back to profitability.

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Nancy Gardner
Nancy GardnerPresident
Nancy Gardner has been a real estate professional since 1979. Nancy has been a national speaker, executive coach and trainer since 1997. She has successfully coached hundreds of real estate owners, general managers, and managers in the practical basics of running strong, competitive and profitable companies throughout the United States and Canada. Her clients range from single office companies to large multi branch operations. These companies include independents, Franchised, Traditional and 100% models. Nancy works in all aspects of real estate brokerage operations: value based recruiting and retention; planning, coaching, training and implementation; ancillary services and mergers and acquisitions.

With Nancy’s guidance I became partner at the brokerage and her support and business savvy got me not only through consulting my agents in a down market and managing our real estate business to profitability in that same market, but ultimately through structuring the buy out and spearheading the strategy of the future of our company. The proof is in the pudding, or the budget. We wouldn’t consider going forward in the future without her on our team. She’s THAT influential on our success.
Vanessa Bergmark, Broker/Owner, Red Oak Realty, Berkeley, CA