Focus on Outperforming your Real Estate Market

Real estate is back – or so the media touts.

I believe we are in for another crash – a big one. We should make it to 2015 – barring anything unforeseen – if our economy is built on popsicle sticks, Europe’s is built on tooth picks.

In the meantime, are we content to rise and fall […]

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What Does Today’s Consumer Want?

What does today’s consumer want? After the past 5 years of economic upheaval their priorities have changed. They want more control; more information; transparency – basically to “drive the bus.”

Where does all of this leave the real estate industry? We’re dominantly a relationship model still – most of the advice and counsel we provide is […]

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What are the keys to a profitable real estate company?

Companies are profitable today because they have done two things: cut expenses and positioned themselves for growth.

You can cut expenses only so much because you still need to keep the lights on – and so it’s the second part that I’ll consider here.

Growth can be determined two ways in a real estate company – recruiting […]

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