Are You Prepared to Maximize Your Recruiting Efforts?

It’s that time of year when broker’s focus turns to recruiting – lays the groundwork for next year’s growth and profit. Are you fully prepared? Begin here.

First, Clearly identify qualities of your target agent. Harder to hire when you don’t know what you’re looking for – and even worse, when the people you hire add […]

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Is the Real Estate Industry Getting in It’s Own Way When It Comes to Pricing?

I can’t quite figure out why, when we have waited so long for signs of health in the real estate industry – and we finally see signs of life, at least for the present – that the first thing we think of is raising prices.

We all know that we still have millions of foreclosures hanging […]

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Taking a Break Before Labor Day?

Taking much needed time off can be a great boon to your business. If you need it, do it.

What better time than between now and Labor Day? Most of the world is at the beach or getting ready to go back to school.

I realize the presumed cost of being away – what about the cost […]

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Can you link real estate sales training to production increases?

Real estate sales training will result in production increases if:

It provides value under current market conditions – e.g., why train 1031 Exchanges if they’re not relevant

It is repeated and consistent – research shows it takes 7 times to reach comprehension

You use role play – if they can’t role play it in house, why happens when […]

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Why Not Get Out in Front of Real Estate Agent Ratings?

In the August issue of WSJ Smart Money magazine there’s an interesting (and not surprising) article entitled:

I Love My Real Estate Broker
Americans love critiquing services online, but when it comes to rating real estate agents, few reliable forums exist. How brokers are evading scrutiny.
While it’s harmful to generalize an entire industry – there is a […]

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Isn’t the Concern in the Real Estate Industry Misplaced?

Bitcoin, Drones, and now Zillow wants to buy Trulia. Listen to the chatter – and if you can’t beat them at their game, let’s tie things up in court for a while.

Why is it so difficult for real estate leadership to pay attention to what really matters? According to NAR, at mid year, 60% of […]

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Will the 2014 Mid Year Review Require a Course Correction?

The review at mid-year is the most important. It is based in reality. These numbers illustrate the results of the work you or your agents were willing to do.

As you meet with your agents to review their production vs. goals – what are you learning?

As you meet with your managers to review their production vs. […]

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Can Real Estate Truly Innovate at the Large Company or Franchise Level?

Here’s a question I get alot: “Would you rather work with large companies or do you prefer small ones?”

My response, “If the Titanic had been a smaller boat, it would have missed the iceberg!”

It’s inspiring to me when any company – regardless of size – wants to do the work to change the way […]

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Will Real Estate Companies Follow NATO’s Lead for Growth?

Will real estate companies follow the NATO Summit’s lead and focus on growth going forward? The smart money is here.

Housing markets in many areas have seen increased activity – it’s anybody’s guess how long this will last. We can use this ‘breather’ to decide what’s ahead for our companies. What could this growth look like?

Recruiting […]

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Why Is It Always About What the ‘Real Estate Market’ Does?

Where does what’s being done Monday- Friday count toward increasing our real estate business? As happy as I am about the increase in activity – why do we wait for the market to impact our bottom line? And doesn’t it follow that if we’re only following it up that we will follow it down as […]

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