It’s About Being Consumer Centric for Profitability & Growth

Real Estate Speaker | Nancy Gardner

Real Estate Speaker & Keynote – Nancy Gardner

According to a recent study by the Harvard Business Review, as well as a 2009 report in TREND Magazine, a consumer “crisis of trust” currently exists, extending to both government and business. This crisis is evident throughout the world but to a higher degree in this country.

Given this “crisis of trust” it’s imperative that management and agents alike understand how to navigate these enormous changes in consumer expectations.

It’s about being consumer centric and positioning your agents to understand and work on what today’s consumer values.

Invite me to speak with your office, region or larger organization so that you can arm yourself with the latest industry and consumer information. But even more than that, make the shift from looking at the Real Estate industry as a “relationship business” only and not the “relationship + verifiable skills business” that it has become.