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10 Ways to Deliver Value to the New Consumer

In this webinar we’ll define the “new consumer” as the new normal and learn what they value and how to deliver it.

Learn to define the “new consumer”

Learn what the new consumer values

Learn how to deliver it

2 Essential Business Strategies – Online and Off

Learn how to update your SOI approach and develop a consistent and relevant relationship. Create an agent online profile that provides the information people want.

Become the real estate ‘go to’ person with your SOI without selling

Create an online profile that works with your SOI and more

3 Levels of Absorption Rate Pricing Analysis

If we can’t price real estate, it’s unlikely that we can sell it. If we can’t sell it, why should someone hire us? Learn an updated approach to pricing real estate which benefits the Seller and the Agent.

Learn the 3 levels of absorption rate pricing analysis mastery.

Learn an effective format to getting price reductions.

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5 Components Of An Effective Listing Presentation

Soup to nuts – this listing presentation is designed with the “new consumer” in mind. Learn to use data effectively and when to implement a hands-on approach.

Pre Appointment Questions

Listing Appointment Overview

Marketing Proposal

Pricing Analysis


Develop A Production Routine – 3 Hours A Day

Learn how you are actually spending your time and whether or not those efforts are helping you reach your goals – both personal and professional.

Learn to pinpoint where you spend your time

Learn what’s getting in your way

Develop a productive routine in 3 hours a day

Update Your Marketing – It’s About Them Not You

Learn what the ‘new consumer’ wants and how to deliver it. Re-evaluate your marketing, is it relevant and why would the consumer find any value in it?



Social Media

Targeted and Videos

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Build Buyer Loyalty – It Starts With Hello

What do Buyers Want In a Real Estate Agent? How do Buyers Make the Decision to Buy? Complete Buyer Presentation.

There’s a big difference between information and knowledge. You’ll learn what really matters to the people that hire you

Learn when and how to use buyer pre appointment questions

What to cover in the buyer appointment

Client Guarantees – Or What Can Get You Fired?

How do we stand out from the competition? How do we convince a skeptical ‘New Consumer’ that we actually deliver what we promise? The options for the ‘New Consumer” are growing – how do we stay in the game? Are we offering what is relevant to Buyers and Sellers?

Seller Performance Guarantees

Buyer Performance Guarantees

Marketing Opportunities

Capture And Convert Online Leads

Use ‘consumer intelligence’ to craft your responses. Learn how to build a ‘trust relationship’ online.

What are the ‘numbers’ telling us about online leads?

What does the online lead expect and value?

Is your response timeline effective?

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