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It’s All About Profitable Growth

Coaching & Training Real Estate Companies

The nGardner Group offers a rare combination of consultation, coachingtraining; giving real estate companies direction, implementation and the course correction necessary for sustainable growth and profitability in today’s real estate industry.

Nancy Gardner has been a real estate professional since 1979 and has been training real estate companies for 20 years. Since 1997, she has successfully coached hundreds of owners, general managers and managers in the practical basics of running valued, competitive and profitable companies throughout the US and Canada. Clients range from small single office companies to large multi – office operations. These companies include franchised, traditional and 100% operations. 

nGardner Group coaches in all aspects of real estate brokerage including:

  • Budget Metrics That Matter Most
  • Business Planning
  • Hiring Sales Management
  • Real Estate Agent-Coaching Program
  • Real Estate Agent-Recruiting Program
  • Consumer Centric Training Program
  • Value Based Recruiting
  • Time Management
  • Leads Management
  • Administrative Staff

The consulting, coaching and training for real estate companies owners & managers that we offer has proven to bring profitability to companies all over the United States. To learn how we can help you build a profitable real estate businesses. Contact us today.