Amazingly, I still get asked, “When is the market going to return to normal?” How did we get to a place where a bubble is considered normal? To be sure, it’s challenging today. In the majority of markets, conditions are spotty – some price ranges sell while others sit. Shadow inventory is hanging over markets, promising to send prices down even further. And it’s anybody’s guess whether or not this economy has real legs underneath it.

It’s a matter of developing the requisite skills – we have to know how to price. We have to know how to generate business and provide value in a way that’s aligned with today’s diverse consumer. Companies and agents who commit to this will do well no matter the market conditions.

I compare this to having a serious health issue – who do you want looking after you – the most skilled person in the field.

That’s what we have to present to the consumer – high levels of skill – then market conditions won’t be the focal point – knowing how to get results will.