Covid – 19 What’s a real estate professional to do?

We are all in this together - that said, this is infecting/affecting parts of the country differently. In the robust San Francisco market, there is now a 'shelter in place' directive. In other markets, a much weaker response. In any case, get the word out to a concerned public about how you are/can handle their [...]

What will be different in the next recession?

2020 promises to be another strong year for those of us in the real estate industry. It's an election year and there's a lot of pressure to keep pushing rates down. Unless something unexpected happens - geopolitical or environmental - we should be good to go. Recessions are cyclical - when the next one [...]

2019: The Year of the Wild Ride

and the need for experts! Yes, experts! Managers and agents who get the challenges we face and are actively doing something about it. We can't throw technology at this stuff folks. It changes/updates every 17 days anyway. What we have to offer, what we what get paid to do is to know what we are [...]

What constitutes a real estate brand?

New logos, ad formats, a change of color and design – does that really brand us? Here’s an idea – how about a consistent, concerted effort to get better at what we do? Higher level of skill – consistently delivered. Service our customer values – consistently delivered. Simulation training. Practice. Mastery. Not just from a [...]

Will Real Estate Miss the Election Metrics Message?

It’s simple. The polls relied only on numbers and forgot about the people. Talking to people. Connecting with people in a way they value. Listening to them. Instead, categorized us into all kinds of groups and forgot that we are all people. Guess what? I shop at Whole Foods and am also known to eat [...]

How Are You Preparing for Online Agent Rankings?

Online real estate agent rankings will be a big issue for the industry. When the industry finally gets around to fully addressing this issue in response to the consumer – not what the industry wants to address – there will be no place to hide for unskilled agents or for companies who are not preparing [...]

NAR and Online Agent Ranking Surveys

WIll NAR lead or get in the way of raising the level of professionalism and skill in the industry? Hard to know right now – they are beginning the process of moving to online rankings – testing in a few markets. Questions remain. Will participation be mandatory for all members? Will all reviews be included? [...]

What effect are investors having on your market?

We are all thrilled at improving real estate market conditions. And, truth be told, we are happy to move inventory, no matter who’s buying. Consider this, if investors make up a major percentage of the home buyers, how strong are underlying market conditions? I spoke with a real estate company owner this week who told [...]