What does today’s consumer want? After the past 5 years of economic upheaval their priorities have changed. They want more control; more information; transparency – basically to “drive the bus.”

Where does all of this leave the real estate industry? We’re dominantly a relationship model still – most of the advice and counsel we provide is framed by opinion and broad generalities. How’s that going to fly? In my opinion, it won’t.

If we are going to proffer advice (and get paid for it) – back it up with statistics. Market stats, which inform buyers and sellers of conditions in their own markets that affect their ability to buy and sell. Financial stats that illustrate liquidity issues in their markets. Home inspection renegotiation stats that illustrate the consequences of that process. Marketing stats that provide the reasoning behind their marketing decisions.

On a competitive advantage note, compare the agents’ professional stats: Days On Market; % of Listings Sold; and % of Actual Sales Price as compared to Original List Price – to support their claim that they are the ‘best’ agent for the job.

Now the consumer has enough information to make decisions in their best interests – hardly too much to ask of the professional you’re being asked to trust.