“Excellent”; “Very Good”, “Good”, and “Poor” are just the beginning of the story. Consumers want transparency and real information about our ability to get the job done for them. It isn’t about being the “biggest” or the “oldest” or “Number one” – whatever all that means. It is about being able to demonstrate, using your professional results stats that you are the agent/company that gets the job done today – under complex conditions – you know how to do your job. These stats will be your foundation for credibility and trust for the professional advice you offer.

New sites providing this insight into your abilities are growing – this level of transparancy is not going away. Some will access the MLS. Get out in front of this trend – put your “professional results” in your email signature.

These are the stats that will ultimately matter around our ability to compete in the marketplace. ‘Days on Market’ – yours vs. your general market; ‘% of Listings Sold’ – compared to your marketplace or the person/company you are competing against; and finally, ‘Actual Sales Price vs. Original List Price’. These stats tell the real story about our skills and ability to get results.

Why should someone hire you? Why should an agent work for your company?

Your stats tell the real story.