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Hello Whoever You Are,

It’s time to ask – “What Would Help You Most Right Now?”

Those of you who know me, know that I can ramble on about lots – what would be most useful to you at this time?

Pricing; Recruiting; Coaching/Accountability; Leads Management; Planning; Budgets – you name it – and I’ll write about it.

I […]

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What the Real Estate Industry Should “Get” About Online Agent Ratings

“Excellent”; “Very Good”, “Good”, and “Poor” are just the beginning of the story. Consumers want transparency and real information about our ability to get the job done for them. It isn’t about being the “biggest” or the “oldest” or “Number one” – whatever all that means. It is about being able to demonstrate, using your […]

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Has the Real Estate Industry Moved From Who You Know to What You Know?

Real estate has long been a relationship based business – is that finally changing?

Is it enough for today’s consumer that ‘knowing’ you is their basis for hiring you to handle what for most will be the single most costly transaction they make?

I don’t think so. Unless you have been living in a cave the past […]

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The Problem With Waiting for the Market to Change

There’s lots of buzz going around now about how busy the real estate market is – and that’s good news.

In reality, though, there are companies and agents that have been out performing the ‘market’ all along. They have stepped up and found the opportunities and relearned things they thought they already knew. In short, they […]

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What’s Your Bottom Line for the First Quarter of ’14?

It’s here all too soon for many. What’s your P&L say about your results for the first quarter?

The bottom line is an accurate measure – you’re either moving in the right direction (profit) or you’re not (loss). Are you focused on the activities that make you money?

How long will it take before we all realize […]

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Focus on Outperforming your Real Estate Market

Real estate is back – or so the media touts.

I believe we are in for another crash – a big one. We should make it to 2015 – barring anything unforeseen – if our economy is built on popsicle sticks, Europe’s is built on tooth picks.

In the meantime, are we content to rise and fall […]

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Pricing Is The Opportunity In This Market

Pricing may well be the only opportunity in this market. Bottom line, if you can’t price to sell today – there is no reason for anyone to hire you.

I keep coming back to this. Redo the absorption rate analysis every 30 days and adjust accordingly.

We have a window here – with lower inventories in […]

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Have we forgotten all those back logged foreclosures?

I admit to loving all the reports about lower inventories across the country.

If I were a managing broker/owner or a really sharp agent, I would be advising sellers to make hay while the sun is shining. In other words, price to sell and get out of it before the ‘shadow inventory’ hits – probably end […]

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How does real estate become part of the solution?

I was deplaning recently in San Francisco when the conversation with a fellow passenger turned to real estate. She related that her mother’s house (in NJ) had been on the market for over a year; that upkeep had been a fiinancial drain; and that she should have taken the first offer. I asked what her […]

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Is the real estate industry growing up?

Are we starting to “get it” ?

Do we consider relisted/cancelled/expired listings as signs that we did not do the job we were hired to do?

Do we expect to out perform our markets and as such see this as evidence that our recruiting, coaching and training programs are effective?

Do we expect our management team to […]

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